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Healthy Directions brings consumers solutions to help them achieve vibrant natural health throughout their lives.


Doctor Stephen Sinatra

Dr. Sinatra MD
  • World-renowned Cardiologist
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
  • Only Cardiologist in America certified in Bioenergetic Analysis
  • Certified in Anti-aging Medicine and Clinical Nutrition
  • Uses the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine
  • Three-time recipient of the American Medical Association’s Physician Recognition Award
  • Learn more about Stephen Sinatra M.D.Dr. Sinatra MD
  • Visit http://www.drsinatra.com

Doctor Julian Whitaker

Dr. Whitaker M.D.

Doctor Arron Tabor

Dr. Arron Lark
  • Distinguished clinician, lecturer, and innovative product developer for women’s greater health and wellness.
  • Author of 13 best-selling books on women’s health
  • Graduate of Northwestern Medical School and past faculty member of Stanford Medical School
  • Learn more about Arron Tabor M.D.
  • Visit http://www.drtabor.com

Doctor David Williams

Dr. Williams M.D.
  • World-renowned expert on better health and natural healing through alternative medical practices.
  • Author and Editor of Alternatives, America's longest running monthly newsletter to over 300,000 subscribers.
  • Past President of International Preventative Health Care Foundation
  • Learn more about David WilliamsWorld-renowned expert on better health and natural healing through alternative medical practices., Dr David Williams
  • Visit http://www.drdavidwilliams.com

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