World-renowned expert on better health, Dr Williams Bio
World-renowned expert on better health and natural healing through , Dr David Williams

Dr. William's Review and Top Selling Products

World-renowned expert on better health, Dr Williams Bio

Dr. David Williams — World-renowned Expert on Better Health

 Health Researcher, Clinician, Author, and Publisher

World-renowned DrDavidWilliams.comDr. David Williams is a world-renowned advocate of better health through alternative medicine and natural healing. He has become a leading authority on the value of proper nutrition, exercise, and best care practices for the body and mind as keys to better health and more enjoyable living. He has traveled the world to discover, evaluate and formulate proven treatments and cures for almost all major health issues faced by men and women everywhere.

For the last 20 years, Dr. Williams has devoted his full-time and energy to discovering and sharing the most promising health remedies, therapies and all-natural nutrients and supplements for best health practices and disease cures.
Prior to 1985, he operated the largest non-invasive medical practice in Texas.

Dr. Williams now authors what has become America’s largest and most informative newsletter Alternatives to educate about the most promising new therapies and practices that he has discovered to help maintain excellent physical and mental health through alternative medicine. He also provides clear guidelines for using those therapies safely and offers reliable sources to obtain them. His product lines composed of all-natural nutrients, vitamins and dietary supplements have become a valuable adjunct to better health everywhere.

Dr. Williams A to Z Product IndexDr. Williams is a strong advocate of the philosophy that the body’s innate healing capabilities - in combination with sound natural therapies, proper nutrition and regular exercise, are ideal paths to maximized health.

Dr. Williams also has worked clinically with many college and professional athletes and performers, including members of the Houston Oilers, San Antonio Spurs and the Houston Ballet.



Dr. Williams Academic and Professional Background:

  • Received Doctor of Chiropractic & Bachelor of Science from Texas Chiropractic College
  • Received Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration) from Southwest Texas State University
  • Conducted research projects at University of Houston, San Antonio College, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Jacinto College and Rice UniversityWorld-renowned expert on better health and natural healing through alternative medical practices, Dr David Williams
  • Past President and Charter Member of the International Preventative Health Care Foundation
  • Active member of the Academy of Preventative Medicine


Dr. Williams is a man of many interests and hobbies beyond his active professional life including;

  • Enjoys spending time with friends and family
  • Riding, restoring, and collecting Harley Davidson motorcycles
  • Flying and building ultra-light planes
  • Eating spicy foods (the hotter, the better!) and
  • Traveling for business and pleasure (he has been to every continent except Antarctica and is looking for a good excuse to go).

Dr. Williams Top Supplements

Joint Advantage Gold by Dr Williams
Joint Advantage Gold is a remarkable all-natural supplement formulation for building stronger, healthier joints

Joint Advantage Gold is a remarkable all-natural supplement formulation for building stronger, healthier joints and relieving everyday aches and pains. This potent but totally safe formula contains:

  • Glucosamine - probably the most studied and most effective nutrient for joint health. This nutrient helps to build joint cartilage and maintain normal spacing and functionality of every joint’s physical structure.
  • Natural eggshell membrane (NEM®) - a recently new discovery that provides all known ingredients required for healthy joint cartilage—glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. This nutrient also contributes to relieving joint discomfort and stiffness.
  • Bovine cartilage – This nutrient is composed of collagen and many kinds of sulfates, which are critical components of healthy cartilage. These sulfates penetrate deeply into the joint cartilage to nourish and cushion it and ensure proper functionality of the joint.
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Joint Advantage Gold by Dr Williams

Natural Joint Pain Relief
Plus Cartilage Building
Daily Advantage by Dr Williams
Omega Q Plus

A Complete and Balanced Daily Nutritional Supplement

Dr. Williams’ Daily Advantage is a completely balanced all-natural supplement to supply all of your required daily levels of Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants.

All of the Vitamin B family, which promote normal homocysteine levels for overall heart health.  Homocysteine is a key marker in your blood for cholesterol plaque – lower is better.

  • The most absorbable form of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This is a potent nutrient that assists cellular metabolism so that the maximum amount of energy is available for your body’s use.
  • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), which is one of nature’s most powerful detoxifiers. This helps your liver remove toxins from your body as it filters your blood.

Daily Advantage by Dr Williams

Purchase Daily Advantage
TonaLean-3 by Dr Williams
TonaLean-3 by Dr Williams
Drop up to 30 pounds of Excess Weight

An effective weight loss product that;

  • Helps you lose up to 30 pounds in 90 days (when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet)
  • Helps reduce body fat percentage
  • Promotes normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Helps maintain normal blood sugar levels

TonaLean-3 by Dr Williams


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