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Doctor Williams Recommended Probiotic Advantage®

Probiotic Advantage® by Dr Williams
Omega Q Plus
  • Delicately manages digestion toward regularity and softness
  • Works to minimize constipation and control occasional diarrhea
  • Ensures complete digestion for maximum nutrient extraction of your food, as well as relief of flatulence and bloating – symptoms of incomplete or troubled digestion
  • Gives you confidence to eat what you want, when you want
  • Works quickly—the build up of probiotic (bacteria) effectiveness occurs in as little as 10 days
  • Provides over one billion healthy bacteria to “restock” your entire digestive tract with more effective working bacteria for better digestion
  • Includes 10 carefully chosen strains of healthy probiotics for better digestion over a wider range of foods
  • Recharges your immunity and delivers more nutrition and energy to your body
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Probiotic Advantage®

Your immunity and vitality also get a big boost from Probiotic Advantage!

The remarkable digestive supplement Probiotic Advantage by Dr. Williams will help improve all of your digestive issues, resulting in the elimination of most digestive problems – heartburn, bloating, insufficient digestion, stomach pains, etc. This will lead to greater comfort after you eat, better digestion, improved absorption of nutrients, higher energy levels and overall greater health.

It’s a fact that 70% of your immune system is in your digestive system. Your digestive system also houses literally billions of bacteria that work to break down food as part of your overall digestive process. If some resident bacteria in your gut are not working properly, it not only affects the way you digest food, but also affects your overall body immunity.

Probiotic AdvantageStudies have shown that the more healthy and effective the bacteria in your digestive system is, the more complete your digestion will be, and the stronger your immune system will be to fight off disease-carrying microbes or bacteria that enter your body. Probiotic Advantage fills your digestive tract with healthy and effective bacteria (hundreds of millions of them) that accomplish all of these goals – boost digestion, raise immunity and promote overall best health. Remember great health is dependent on what you eat … and how your digestive tract extracts the nutrients from your food for energy and immunity protection. Probiotic Advantage also provides so-called “natural killer cells” that work in concert with your body immunity to ward off and neutralize disease-producing microbes and bacteria!

One small Probiotic Advantage beadlet a day can help to free you of digestive problems and help you achieve and maintain good health. One tiny beadlet contains over one billion health-boosting bacteria called probiotics.

Why so many probiotic supplements fail…

As you age, your levels of effective and healthy digestive bacteria decline – it’s natural. Plus, certain prescribed medications for other health-related issues can kill or harm many of the good digestive bacteria in your digestive tract. This reduction in good bacteria affects your ability to properly digest many of the foods you consume. A key challenge is to replenish your digestive system with the good working and healthy bacteria. But many probiotic supplements don’t work as desired.

The reason is because they don’t deliver the bacteria to your digestive system when it is alive and viable, and so you never realize all of the benefits. And many other supplements don’t provide sufficient quantities of the bacteria, or of the best effective strains. Recent independent studies by reputable laboratories have shown that 5 out of 13 probiotic supplement products tested failed to achieve results promised.

The Probiotic Advantage secret

However, Dr. Williams’ Probiotic Advantage is designed to deliver all of the digestion-helping benefits because of its unique and seamless triple-layer coating. This special coating acts like an impermeable shield to prevent air or oxygen from getting to the live probiotics inside. Plus this coating is resistant to stomach acids so the beadlet containing the priobiotics passes beyond the stomach and into the main digestive tract where the effective probiotics are then released - alive and vital - to do their best digestive work.

Also, every Probiotic Advantage beadlet provides 10 specifically-chosen strains of probiotics to deliver maximum targeted benefits. From Bifobacteria longum to Lactobacillus acidophilus, you get the best strains of probiotics available—each selected by Dr. Williams.

Probiotic Advantage uses a clinically proven, triple layer coating…

The unique and seamless all-natural coating of each beadlet is composed of gelatin and pectin layers to create a 100% acid-resistant shell for the protection of the digestion-boosting probiotics inside.

Natural vegetable oil also provides for insulation and protection of the live probiotics inside the beadlet.
The effectiveness of these unique protective layers is to deliver 1 billion live, digestion-boosting probiotics to where they work their best – your digestive tract below your stomach - to produce complete and comfortable digestion, nourishing nutrient absorption, and immunity-enhancing efficiency!

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