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Triveratrol Plus Stimulates Anti-Aging Benefits

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Anti-Aging Supplement by DrWhitaker Triveratrol Plus

Triveratrol Plus by Dr Whitaker
Triveratrol Plus by DrWhitaker.com

Live a longer, healthier and more productive life

It’s a fact that people today live longer with higher average life expectancies than at any other time in history. Some of this is due to conquering of diseases, minimizing early deaths from war and accidents, and also overall better nutrition and diets.

But another major contributor to extending life has been recent discoveries in the processes of aging. Now we clearly know, that to have a longer life, with a quality of life that is healthy and active, you must also slow the three principle causes of aging: inflammation in your body, damage from free-radicals (oxididizing chemicals) and deterioration of your body’s cells.

The most amazing dietary supplement to help combat the effects of aging is Dr. Whitaker’s Triveratrol Plus. This all-natural formulation is based upon the ingredient resveratrol, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to slow the three causes of aging. With a daily supplement you reduce the rate the cellular aging processes in almost every organ and tissue in your body … including your heart, joints, skin, digestive system, even your brain. The result is that you remain healthy, vital and productive longer.

Live a longer, healthier and more productive life

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Triveratrol Plus is the only available supplement formulation that combines three powerful anti-aging extracts known to help you stay young and vital. These are:

ResVinol-25™…an unusually powerful form of resveratrol and polyphenols. These are grape extracts known for their anti-aging properties. These nutrients are concentrated in Triveratrol Plus so that you receive the anti-aging power of 170 glasses of red wine – without the alcohol.

BCM-95™ Turmeric Extract. This is a powerful agent that fights free-radical damage to your cells. It is 8.2 times more bioavailable (meaning absorbant and useful in your body) than turmeric, another anti-free-radical extract, which has been used effectively for years in Indian and Chinese traditional medicine.

Qmatrix™ Aloe Extract. This is a super-concentrated extract from one of the world's greatest healing plants- aloe. The medicinal qualities of aloe as a topical skin application have been known for years, even in primitive cultures, but now it also is believed to be one of the best anti-aging substances when taken orally. This is because aloe is loaded with enzymes, amino acids, lignans, and other nutrients that promote healing, good overall health and anti-aging. Aloe is one of Nature’s “miracle ingredients.”

Triveratrol Plus offers many health stimulating & anti-aging benefits:

Dr. Whitaker Triveratrol Plus
  • Contains three powerful anti-aging compounds—ResVinol-25™, BCM-95™ Turmeric Extract, and Qmatrix™ Aloe Extract—which combat the top three causes of aging
  • Combats free-radical damage and inflammation that attacks your heart, brain, joints, skin, digestive system and all other body organs and tissues
  • Promotes healthy, strong cells in every major organ throughout your body
  • Not only strengthens your heart but also supports and protects blood vessels – veins, arteries and capillaries
  • Delivers nutrient to your brain that supports mental activity and memory
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Rejuvenates aging skin and connective tissue
  • Attacks all toxins and oxidizing free-radicals that accelerate aging

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