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Restful Night Essentials by Dr Whitaker
Triveratrol Plus by DrWhitaker.com

Get a great night’s sleep!

Dr. Whitaker’s Restful Night Essentials combines the five best all-natural sleeping aids into one powerful formulation. It is far more effective than ordinary melatonin, and it also provides L-theanine, valerian extract, hops extract, and lemon balm extract—all known to be sleep-enhancing nutrients.

This unique combination in one formula not only helps you fall asleep faster and enjoy deep, sound sleep all night, but also helps regulate your sleep patterns. And it begins working with your first night’s dose.

With Restful Night Essentials, you’ll never feel sleepy in the morning either. Instead, you’ll wake energized and feel alert and ready-to-go! And because it’s an all-natural sleep aid that is non-habit forming, you can take it every night without worry.

Restful Night Essentials by Dr Whitaker

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Restful Night Essentials provides:

Melatonin to regulate your sleep pattern. In middle-age your levels of melatonin can naturally decline. This affects your ability to get a restful sleep. When you add melatonin back into your body through an all-natural supplement, you’re returning the body’s melatonin levels needed to re-establish healthy, normal sleep patterns.

L-theanine to calm your mind. This amino acid promotes a relaxing effect on the mind, which is critical to falling asleep. It also helps to increase brain alpha-wave activity. These are the natural electrical signals produced by the brain during its relaxed state, such as during sleep.

Valerian extract to promote sleep and ease anxiety. This amazing herb has been used since the 1800s for its sleep-inducing and calming benefits. Recent studies also suggest that valerian helps shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and helps to produce an overall better sleep quality.

Hops extract to fall asleep faster. Like valerian, this key nutrient helps to improve sleep, decrease the time it takes to fall asleep, and increase brain alpha-wave activity.

Lemon balm extract to relieve stress and induce sleep. Used for more than 2,000 years in traditional medicine, this herb helps ease stress and induce restful sleep. Plus, studies indicate that lemon balm exerts a calming effect.

Why Restful Night Essentials is better for a sound night’s sleep:

  • It works quickly…the first night. There’s no waiting for days while it needs to build in your system like other sleeping aids.
  • It contains all-safe, all-natural nutrients so you can take it with confidence
  • It helps you fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly all through the night
  • It is all-natural and non-habit forming. You can take it every night without concern.
  • It induces healthy, restful sleep—the kind of sleep that allows recovery and refreshment to your whole body and brain.
  • You’ll wake up incredibly refreshed—never sleepy or wishing you had more sleep.
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