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Glucose Essentials Blood Sugar Support

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Dr. Whitaker's comprehensive answer for natural blood sugar maintenance and support.

Glucose Essentials by Dr Whitaker
Glucose Essentials by Dr Whitaker

Get ready to impress your doctor with even better glucose numbers!

Glucose Essentials is now even better!  A brand new Swiss discovery called Portusana™ Purslane Extract takes Dr. Whitaker’s acclaimed formula to a whole new level. 

It not only promotes normal blood sugar levels and better insulin sensitivity—but helps lower the critical hemoglobin A1C blood sugar marker! But this is more than numbers on a blood test—these are benefits you’re going to feel!

By helping to even out the blood sugar spikes and drops, Portusana helps to give you a slow, steady supply of energy.

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Dr Whitaker, Founder of American Preventative Medicine Association

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