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BioActive Q (100 mg) extra-strength Best Seller

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BIOACTIVE Q by Dr Whitaker
  • Supports cardiovascular health and all heart functions
  • Provides high energy to your brain and other body organs
  • Supports high stamina and increased immunity
  • Fights free-radical damage throughout your body
  • Aids in lowering “bad” cholesterol – replenishes CoQ10 that is lost due to the presence of statins, the main cholesterol-reducing drugs
  • Supports normal blood pressure levels
  • Maintains normal levels of the blood lipid Lp(a)
  • Supports healthy blood vessels and circulation
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BIOACTIVE Q by Dr Whitaker

Dr. Whitaker BioActive

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BioActive Q (100 mg) extra-strength CoQ10

BioActive Q's remarkable formulation provides maximum levels of energy to your whole body, and especially to your brain and your heart – two organs that need energy the most. This occurs because one of the main ingredients of BioActive Q is a form of highly absorbable coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This wonderful all-natural nutrient stimulates your body’s cells to generate energy.

CoQ10 also has many antioxidant properties that attack damaging free-radicals in your body. These free-radicals contribute to aging and cellular degeneration. Because of these properties, CoQ10 helps contribute to the prevention of heart disease, gum disease, cancer and diabetes.

CoQ10 also assists in the reduction of “bad” cholesterol. Most cholesterol fighting drugs are “statins,” which reduce the amount of naturally forming CoQ10 in your cells. The active and highly absorbable form of CoQ10 in BioActive Q acts to replenish the naturally forming CoQ10 that is lost in your cells from the presence of statins.

In BioActive Q you get an amazing supplement that not only contributes to high energy in your body, but also works to deliver conditions of best health.


DrWhitakers' BioActive Q:

  • Provides all-natural CoQ10 in a highly potent absorbable form to augment your body’s natural production of the nutrient.
  • Includes antioxidants to fight damaging free-radicals.
  • Includes DHLA, an unusually powerful form of the antioxidant alpha lipoic acid, which aids the enhanced presence of CoQ10.
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