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Seanol by Dr Sinatra
5 Star Rating - Seanol by Dr Sinatra
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Helps to reduce HDL cholesterol levels and increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels
  • Improves joint function and comfort
  • Boosts mental energy by nourishing the brain
  • Provides powerful antioxidants to improve general health
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Rare Sea Extract Delivers Super Antioxidant Power

Seanol by Dr Sinatra

30-day Supply:
(60 Capsules)

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7-Month Supply
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Unique 'sea extract' can improve your cholesterol,
keep your mind alert, and comfort your joints

Single dose of Seanol helps:

  • Promote overall cardiovascular health, normal cholesterol levels, and increase protective HDL cholesterol.
  • Enhance circulation and blood flow to the brain and body.
  • Boost mental energy and keep you alert.
  • Provide powerful antioxidant protection to your entire body.
  • Reduces inflammatory enzymes for improved joint function and joint comfort.

Double dose of Seanol helps:

  • Boost your energy levels.
  • Increase your stamina.
  • A lot more antioxidant protection
  • and More

Doctor Sinatra has clinical studies showing the positive
impact of a brown seaweed, called Ecklonia cava

Scientists have discovered a little-known sea extract that contains some of the most powerful antioxidants on Earth. The studies are incredible! Taking it for just 8 weeks can improve your cholesterol—even help raise your protective HDL cholesterol, something few nutrients can do.

It also helps your circulation and blood flow, and improves your mental alertness. Plus, it can make a real difference in your joints, making them healthier and more comfortable.

This unique "super antioxidant" comes from special brown seaweed, called Ecklonia cava—which grows 100 feet under the sea, off the coasts of Japan and Korea. In fact, scientists expect the sea to be our next frontier for amazing nutritional discoveries. Seanol is up to 100 times stronger than land-based antioxidants.

Help your cholesterol, keep your mind alert, comfort your joints and more! Read More>

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, as a cardiologist, was most interested in how this new super-nutrient from the sea could help your heart and circulation, and risk factors such as cholesterol, blood pressure, and free radicals.

Dr. Sinatra's clinical studies produced impressive results and lead to his development of a potent Ecklonia cava supplement called Seanol®

The results are off the charts!

  • LDL cholesterol is reduced an average of 17%
  • Healthy blood pressure is maintained
  • Good HDL cholesterol score improves
  • Arteries and veins kept in great shape
  • Oxidation of cholesterol is diminished
  • Circulation given strong support

Why is excellent Seanol® so important?

First, because the blood transports vital nutrients, including oxygen, cell-building protein, and essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 to your cells. The better your circulation, the better the flow of antioxidants to all cells that need protection.

Plus, good circulation helps with the repair and maintenance of every part of your body: your brain, eyes, liver, kidneys, muscles—even your reproductive organs. Lastly, efficient circulation removes toxins and wastes from your cells, keeping your body clean from the inside out.

In other words, the better your circulation, the better every part of your body will work.

Powerful support for excellent circulation is just one great reason to supplement with Ecklonia cava seaweed on a daily basis!

Seanol's free radical scavenging ability is up to 100 times greater than any land-based antioxidants, including green tea and red wine’s resveratrol

Antioxidants are a hot topic today for one reason: Your body has never been under greater assault from free radical damage than it is today—and you need antioxidants to protect yourself.
Like Pac Man, antioxidants gobble up harmful free radicals.

Seaweed Extract that Helps CholesterolLeft unchecked, free radicals disrupt the normal function of your cells, membranes, and even DNA. The result? You’re vulnerable the ravages of aging.

But antioxidants act like “Pac Man” and engulf free radicals, neutralize them, and obliterate them before they can do their damage.

You may be taking antioxidants such as vitamins C or E, beta carotene, selenium, green tea, or red wine’s resveratrol, but none of those come close to the antioxidant ability of Seanol.

In fact, based on an independent study, Brunswick Laboratories reports that Seanol’s antioxidants surpass the free radical scavenging ability of any land-based antioxidants by up to 100 times!

Seanol is backed by Dr. Stephen Sinatra:Omega Q Plus is backed by Dr. Stephen Sinatra

  • World-renowned Cardiologist
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
  • Only Cardiologist in America certified in Bioenergetic Analysis
  • Certified in Anti-aging Medicine and Clinical Nutrition
  • Uses the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine

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