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NattoPlus Circulation Support by Dr. Sinatra

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NattoPlus by Dr Sinatra

Advanced Circulation Support

  • Supports blood flow and circulation by promoting the proper balance of fibrin - the key blood ingredient for clotting
  • Helps keep blood pressure in a healthy range
  • Provides antioxidant protection to the inner lining of the blood vessels for best circulatory health
  • Helps to maintain normal levels of C-reactive protein in the blood
  • Helps to maintain flexibility and openness of all blood vessels
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Advanced Circulation Support Natto Plus

Your vascular system is composed of all of the vessels - arteries, veins, and capillaries - that carry blood throughout your body.

These blood vessels carry nutrients plus oxygen to all of your body cells. The nutrients are used in your cell’s metabolism, where “little furnaces” in each cell burn them (in the presence of oxygen) to produce energy. These energy-producing processes also produce waste products, like any furnace. Your blood vessels carry away the waste products from the metabolism. It is essential to have healthy blood vessels in order to have good overall body health.

Here’s how NattoPlus works to promote healthy blood flowNattoPlus from DrSinatra.com

Your blood is composed of red and white blood cells, plus a material called fibrin. The fibrin is necessary to the clotting of your blood, when exposed to air. Without fibrin your blood would not clot and you could risk bleeding to death from any open wound.

While fibrin is necessary for clotting, your blood also needs to flow properly, and to do this your body needs to regulate the amount of fibrin in your blood. The enzyme in your body that does this is plasmin. But as you age, your body’s production of plasmin may begin to decline, affecting your blood consistency, as well as the health of your blood vessels.

The supplement NattoPlus supplies nattokinase, which helps in these processes. It acts like plasmin to help break down fibrin directly, and it also supports your body’s natural production of plasmin.

The overall effect is that nattokinase helps to maintain normal circulation, blood flow, and thickness of the blood. It also supports your body’s normal blood-clotting mechanism. As an additional bonus, it can also help maintain normal blood pressure levels.

But NattoPlus has other beneficial effects. It also helps to maintain the general heath of the blood vessels. It can do this because it contains many other nutrients that the body can use to support good blood flow and vessel health. These nutrients are coVitamin C, magnesium, arginine, bioflavonoids.

Your vascular system is a critical part of your body’s metabolism to maintain sufficient energy for you to enjoy a quality lifestyle. This blood “plumbing” also contributes in so many ways to your overall health, and the health of all of your organs. A key to good health is to care for your vascular system. NattoPlusprovides the proper nutrients to support a good vascular system in your overall health regimen.

NattoPlus is backed by Dr. Stephen Sinatra:Omega Q Plus is backed by Dr. Stephen Sinatra

  • World-renowned Cardiologist
  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology
  • Only Cardiologist in America certified in Bioenergetic Analysis
  • Certified in Anti-aging Medicine and Clinical Nutrition
  • Uses the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine

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