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Achieve Firmer Smoother Skin - In 1 Hour! with Trilane with Squalane

Trilane with Squalane by Dr Tabor
Trilane with Squalane

Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Squalane for your skin:

  • Deeply hydrates, firms and smoothes for that beautiful younger-look
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Nourishes to maintain flexibility and suppleness
  • Fights signs of aging and spots
  • Reduces dryness, flakiness and roughness
  • Leaves a soft and silky feel
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Trilane with Squalane by Dr Lark

New Trilane® with Squalane is Nature’s greatest moisturizer. It makes your skin look supple, lovely … and younger! Trilane has all of the wonderful features of squalane, but now has even greater youth-enhancing, firming benefits! This is because it now contains jojoba esters, an all-natural botanical extract that firms and lifts your skin. Plus, our squalane is from an all-vegetarian source—olives.
Our squalane in Trilane is extracted from olive material that’s left over after pressing to make olive oil. This extract provides a nutrient-rich silky-soft base that is easily absorbed by your skin without leaving a residual oily feel.  It’s luxuriating!

Order Trilane today for Firmer Smoother SkinAnd, you also receive the amazingly firming benefits that jojoba esters can provide. Jojoba esters have wonderful emollient properties, but leave none of the greasy or oily feel that other moisturizers can deliver. In this sense, they are very much like squalane. And they’re incredibly stable and extremely resistant to oxidation. As such, they don’t require preservatives like parabens (waxy-like materials) to prevent them from losing effectiveness when combined with other nutrients and base ingredients.

Trilane is safe, all-natural, and environmentally-friendly. Plus, it’s a rich mixture of luxuriating emollients that moisturize, treat and restore you skin to a softness and youthfulness that you will love!  Look younger and feel beautiful — you deserve the best!


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