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He’s the world-famous medical author of 13 best-selling books and his monthly publication Health & Healing is widely considered the most influential physician-edited publication on earth, having reached over 3 million readers since 1991.

Dr Whitaker's Health and Healing Newsletter

Health and Healing Newsletter


Health & Healing Newsletter

Vitamins, minerals, and similar natural therapies provide valuable health benefits. But when you hear or read about them, the news is usually filled with misinformation or worse. But what fries me the most is that supplement makers can’t respond by telling you what their products truly do!

I've been fighting for years for your right to obtain supplements and know how to use them. Yet, every month, I see headlines slamming another proven lifesaver. “Calcium and Vitamin D FAIL” and so on. Can this be true? Have we been wasting our time?

My answer is a resounding “No.” I've spent over 30 years helping people live longer, healthier lives by recommending the best in conventional medicine and pairing that with the most powerful natural solutions available. My patients and Health & Healing newsletter readers are living proof that my solutions and recommendations work.

I want you to live your best life, so I continually strive to create a newsletter and online forum that you feel comfortable turning to for important health information and advice. Dr. Whitaker M.D.

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Dr. Whitaker’s “3-week cure“

Dr. Whitaker’s 3—Week Diabetes Miracle

Millions of TV viewers saw the living proof that Dr. Whitaker’s “3-week cure” could drop your blood sugar to normal, reverse neuropathy, restore fading eyesight — and that’s just the beginning! Learn full details about all the secrets discussed on the previous pages, that freed Ken Wright from dangerous diabetes drugs... the “white sugar cure” that saved Jerome’s leg from ulcers and gangrene... the antioxidant that regenerated Bill’s “dead” nerves... how Enid brought her kidneys back from near failure to totally normal... and so much more! Thousands of patients agree it can work for you.

Whitaker M.D.s, widely acclaimed classic Reversing Diabetes. Get the latest breakthroughs FREE, in a brand-new, FREE REPORT, Dr. Whitaker’s 3-Week Diabetes Miracle.

It’s not available in any store, but is FREE if you respond today just for trying a subscription to Health & Healing (you won’t risk a penny).

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Dr. Whitaker’s ULTIMATE Non-Diet for Diabetes

Dr. Whitaker’s ULTIMATE Non-Diet for Diabetes

Forget make—you—fatter starvation diets and dig into these fabulous, fill—you—up meals! You can’t miss with Dr. Whitaker’s ULTIMATE NON—DIET, pioneered at the world-famous Whitaker Wellness Institute. Find out how thousands of real people have lost 30, 50 even 100 pounds or more and kept it off the easy way, as you…

Start succeeding just by eating more of what you naturally love, with Dr. Whitaker’s incredibly satisfying Back to Health Menu Plan — including two weeks of full-course menus that’ll make you gape at how much you’ve been missing!

Then feast your way to freedom from diabetes, with dozens of mouthwatering, soul-satisfying, quick-and-easy recipes. Break the rules at breakfast with glorious goodies like Apple Pancakes, my Perfect Omelet (with Healthy Home Fries, of course!), Breakfast Burritos and French Toast with Strawberry Fruit Sauce…

And never forget dessert! Leave room for Razzle-Dazzle Raspberries, Peaches ‘n’ Devonshire Cream, and other sweet treats too numerous to mention!

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Unabridged DICTIONARY OF DRUG ALTERNATIVES and Non-Surgical Solutions!

Unabridged DICTIONARY OF DRUG ALTERNATIVES and Non-Surgical Solutions!

For over 30 years, Dr. Whitaker has been proving that heart disease, arthritis, insomnia and more can be reversed faster and better without dangerous drugs or surgeries! Here at last, in one giant, 25,000 word book, are…

  • A-Z Natural Alternatives for the most commonly prescribed drugs, from Advair® to Zocor®!
  • Cancel That Bypass! Pauline’s surgeon told her she’d die in 3 months — but thanks to this, she’s alive and feeling great 15 years later!
  • The Speed-of-Light Pain Cure! Why did the Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, and US Special Forces all adopt Dr. Whitaker’s pain breakthrough? Because it produces proven results in as little as 4 days!
  • Better Than the Blue Pill! In 2 new clinical studies, this 99-cent nutrient even beat testosterone therapy!
  • 5-Cent Bone Mass Miracle! Don’t let your Mom fall for dangerous bone drugs, when she could be safely boosting her bone density up to 14.4%.

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