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Resveratrol How it Assists Skin and Connective Tissue Health

One of the ways that resveratrol can help with the health of your skin and connective tissue is by remediating the problem of cellulite. The bumps that are a sign of cellulite formation are one of the most popular targets of skin care procedures. They most likely are small pieces of fat that have worked their way through the connective tissue between the skin and the fat layer beneath. Because connective tissue tends to develop weaknesses in particular areas, those areas tend to gather all of the cellulite lumps.

As the weaknesses in the connective tissue become tears, and then holes, the cellulite lumps get larger and larger. The bumps will harden, and blood will not flow as freely in that area. Fluid also will begin to build up, and the area will get even larger. One interesting fact that researchers have uncovered about cellulite is that its development has much more to do with the body’s circulation and inflammation than with obesity. Yes, fat levels do affect production and retention of cellulite, but they are not the predominant factor.

Here’s where resveratrol can step in and make a big difference. By forming a protective wall between collagen and the free radicals attacking it, resveratrol keeps your connective tissue stronger. The weaknesses in the tissue occur when the collagen begins to deteriorate, and resveratrol can halt, and even, reverse the process.

Another cause for collagen breakdown is elevated estrogen levels.Resveratrol has been shown to keep estrogen production at stable levels, which will keep the collagen stable longer. A Powerful Anti-Aging IngredientIf collagen levels stay normal, it will be much harder for fat cells to break through the connective tissue.

Another reason why cellulite stands out so vividly on the skin is that the dimpling effect also slows down blood flow in the area, as the veins have less room in which to operate. Resveratrol contains nitric oxide, which will widen, or dilate, your veins and speed the blood flow. This will enhance circulation and keep that area of the body from retaining fluids, which will smooth skin and make the area look less affected.

Remember, though, fat levels are still a factor. You may need to adopt a healthier diet that is lower in fats to get the full benefit of a resveratrol regimen for your cellulite. Also, while resveratrol has no major risks or negative side effects associated with its use, you’ll want to let your physician know when you begin a long-term regimen.

Please seek the advice of a qualified health care practitioner before using any herbs, supplements or other natural approaches to health.

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