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Ecklonia Cava: A Rare Seaweed With Many Health Benefits

Ecklonia Cava is a rare, brown seaweed found off the costs of Japan and Korea. It grows in pristine waters that are over 100 feet deep. The health benefits of Ecklonia Cava have only become known recently as this rare seaweed is extremely difficult to harvest, due to its location, and due to the fact that the area in which it grows is under strict ecological protection. It has been discovered that Ecklonia cava is up to 100 times stronger than any land-based antioxidants. This is because it has had to become extremely strong in the over a million years that it has lived in a tough ecological environment. In fact, it is more powerful than any other known land plant. It contains more antioxidants than green tea, Vitamin E or Resveratrol, the antioxidant extracted from grape skins.

Ecklonia cava has been the subject of over $39 million dollars worth of clinical studies and the results that have been published in well-respected journals have been very impressive. Ecklonia cava promotes cardiovascular health and can help maintain normal cholesterol levels and increase HDL cholesterol. It can help maintain healthy blood pressure. It can enhance blood circulation to the body and brain by keeping arteries and veins healthy. It can boost mental energy and provide better powers of concentration and focus. It may improve skin. It can provide powerful antioxidant protection to the whole body. It can also increase energy levels and improve stamina.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D., of the New England Heart and Longevity txt_center , first heard about Ecklonia Cava from a Korean colleague named Dr. H. Lee. Dr. Sinatra had been eating seaweed once a week because he knew that seaweed was extremely high in antioxidants and micronutrients. Since discovering the many benefits of Ecklonia cava, Dr. Sinatra has created a dietary supplement called Seanol. Seanol delivers all of the wonderful benefits of Ecklonia cava. Dr. Sinatra feels that it’s the strongest total-body antioxidant that he’s ever worked with.  Seanol contains a very generous amount of Ecklonia cava – 720 mg. This is more than most of the clinical trials offered to patients who saw such amazing benefits from the Ecklonia cava used in the trials in which they participated.

You, too, may benefit from this amazing Seanol, the wonderful new product that is made from Ecklonia cava, the strongest antioxidant available today.


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